Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grains: Dispelling the “Health Food” Myth And Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback Training: Dialing Into The Subconscious Mind For Peak Performance and Healing

In the first half hour we’ll explore the myths and realities of dietary grains and the powerful and insidious effects of a gluten-containing diet. My guest will be Naturopathic physician, Dr. Daniel Chong. He’ll share his own approach to a grain and gluten-free life for himself and his family and we’ll explore why grains may not be the health food you’ve been led to believe it is. 

In the second half hour we’ll delve into a fascinating exploration of a form of neurofeedback known as Alpha-Theta training and talk about its impact on the subconscious mind for growth, healing and creativity. We’ll be welcoming brain training pioneer, Dr. Julian Isaacs to share his amazing experiences with deep state work and what can be found in the depths of human consciousness through this powerful form of brain training.

Listen to the podcast.