Friday, August 6, 2010

Moderating Protein Intake to Maximize Longevity: How much protein do you really need?

Jimmy Moore invites Nora Gedgaudas to his acclaimed radio show "The Livin La Vida Low-Carb Show".

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Science of Fat, Carbohydrates, Cholesterol and Blood Sugar - Part Two

Listen to Nora Gedgaudas being interviewed on Patrick Timpone’s show "One Radio Network: Live radio focusing on health, wealth and wellbeing."

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Science of Fat, Carbohydrates, Cholesterol and Blood Sugar - Part One

Listen to Nora Gedgaudas being interviewed on Patrick Timpone’s show "One Radio Network: Live radio focusing on health, wealth and wellbeing." 

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What Now - Nora Interviewed on the Ken Rose Show

Extended interviews with accomplished thinkers, writers, artists, farmers and scientists addressing the global crisis.

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Ken Rose Show.

Interview on Dr. Michael Kell's radio show Mind, Body and Brain

Join Dr. Michael Kell and Nora Gedgaudas to discuss her ground breaking book, “Primal Body-Primal Mind: Empowering Your Total Health the Way Evolution Intended (…and Didn’t)” has received acclaim from clients, scientists and professionals alike. Nora Gedgaudas has a background in diet and nutrition spanning some 25 years and is a widely recognized and respected expert in the field. She is certified via the Nutritional Therapy Association as a Nutritional Therapist and also holds National Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition through the respected National Association of Nutritional Professionals (NANP). In addition, Nora is a board certified clinical Neurofeedback Specialist in successful private practice in Portland, Oregon.

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Dr. Michael Kell's website.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Interview #2 with Catherine Bradford of the Wellness Roadshow

Come join us as Nora explains how shifting away from a primarily animal protein and saturated fat diet has led us into territory that our human evolution has been ill prepared for, causing huge onset of chronic and sometimes fatal illnesses. (Part 2)

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(recorded May 27, 2009)

Interview #1 with Catherine Bradford of the Wellness Roadshow

Come join us as Nora explains how shifting away from a primarily animal protein and saturated fat diet has led us into territory that our human evolution has been ill prepared for, causing huge onset of chronic and sometimes fatal illnesses.

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(recorded May 12, 2009)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Future Of Health Care - A New Paradigm

The subject of “health care” in this country has been a topic of heated debate recently but has our focus been misplaced? In this show Nora is joined by the chief scientist for the EEG Institute, Dr. Siegfried Othmer, where we’ll discuss the future of health care and the emerging new paradigm of “self care” as a viable and quite possibly necessary future model for us all. 

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The Vegetarian Myth

People become vegetarians for many different reasons surrounding animal welfare, moral and political issues, the environment and because they believe they are bettering their health. Lierre Keith adopted veganism in her teens for all these reasons and maintained this way of life for 20 years until the day her health collapsed from under her. She began a more in-depth and honest exploration of the truths behind everything she had come to believe about the vegetarian way of life and realized that literally none of it was what she thought. 

Nora welcomes the author of “The Vegetarian Myth”, Lierre Keith to the show to share her journey and a message that everyone who cares about their health—and the health of the environment needs to hear. You will never think of vegetarianism the same way again.

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The Psychology Behind Food Addiction

Addictions to certain foods that can have an adverse impact on our health are a very real problem. Such addictions tend to be rationalized or denied by those that suffer from them, knowingly or not. Often, foods are a way of self medicating issues such as anxiety, depression, low self esteem and even as a means of stifling trauma.

Nora welcomes back addictions expert, psychologist and neurofeedback specialist, John Anderson to explore the psychology behind addictive behavior, and the role neurofeedback and other simple steps can play in freeing one from addictions to unhealthy foods. 

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The Wild, Whacky World Of Female Hormone Land

What causes female hormone imbalance and why is it so overwhelmingly prevalent today? Join Nora as she welcomes back her most popular guest, Dr. Janet Lang — expert in Restorative Endocrinology™ to educate and enlighten listeners about the causes of and effective foundational solutions to female endocrine problems—and why even bio-identical hormones may not be the best or safest answer!

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The Aging Brain

Nora welcomes back neurofeedback expert, Dr. Julian Isaacs to help explore the latest in technology, diet and nutritional supplementation to support and revitalize the aging brain.

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Life On The Farm: What It Takes To Make REAL Food

Nora welcomes Chrissie and Koorosh Zaerpoor of Kookoolan Farms to talk about what it takes to create organic, bio-dynamic, healthy and sustainable food. The show will be sure to enlighten you as to where your food comes from and why you should care.

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Eating Disorders - Supporting Recovery with Brain Training

Nora welcomes back leading neurofeedback expert Sue Othmer in discussing the role of the brain in the development of eating disorders and the powerful role neurofeedback can play in helping those suffering with this issue recover once and for all. 

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Nutritional Strategies for Type 1 Diabetes

Nora welcomes back Colleen Dunseth, educational director for the Nutritional Therapy Association to talk with us about Type 1 Diabetes and how certain nutritional principles and strategies can make a major difference in how one manages this disease. It may not be what you think you know!

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Accessing the Subconscious Mind: The Brain’s Nether Regions and Mystical States

How can the science of brain training be harnessed for accessing the deepest recesses of the human mind, the mysterious subconscious and even mystical states? Nora welcomes back Dr. Julian Isaacs to discuss this fascinating area of brain science and neurofeedback technology.

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My Big Fat Diet

On this week’s show, Nora interviews Dr. Jay Wortman, a physician who created a year long dietary study of 100 volunteers from the Namgis Tribal Nation in Alert Bay, B.C., Canada. The study was the subject of an incredible documentary called “My Big Fat Diet”, which has been described as “Supersize Me meets Northern Exposure”. 

The film follows six people from the study who were asked to return to their native diet: a very low carb, moderate protein and high fat diet. The results challenge everything most people ever thought they knew about diet, weight issues and disease prevention. 

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Awakening Compassion: The Role Of Neurofeedback In Uncovering The Soul

Learn about the role that simple brain training can play in awakening a dormant soul and fostering human compassion. Join Nora Gedgaudas and Dr. Mark Steinberg in a fascinating discussion about the impact of neurofeedback on the aspects of our brain that make us all the most human.

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Primal Fitness: Getting Into Primal Shape With Kettlebell Training

Nora welcomes fitness expert, Michael Skogg—former Navy Seal to discuss the superior benefits of Kettlebell training for every part of your Primal Body. Michael is a coach and trainer who has been working in the fitness industry for 15 years. He was the owner and operator of Inner Strength, LLC, a very successful rehabilitation and conditioning center, specializing in sports related injuries. Michael was in the U.S. Special Forces stationed in the U.K. where kettlebell training was a mainstay of their conditioning regimen. He has continued to use this method to train a vast array of clients and professional athletes alike. 15+ years later kettlebell training is still the foundation to his healthy lifestyle which he enthusiastically shares with his clients.

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PTSD: Releasing Hard-Wired Trauma Through Brain Training

PTSD—“Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” is an anxiety related disorder affecting persons of all ages, including many soldiers exposed to combat, who have been exposed to severe, often life-threatening events where the nervous system seems to become “hard-wired” into ongoing “fight or flight”, even after the threat has passed.

Nora welcomes back respected neurofeedback pioneer and expert, Susan Othmer of the EEG Institute to discuss the powerful and liberating effect brain training can have on anyone suffering from the often paralyzing effects of PTSD.

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Thyroid and Iodine - What You Need To Know

Thyroid issues today are epidemic and often poorly understood by even those that treat them, both conventionally and even naturally. Learn about the thyroid and also its connection to one of the most critical, misunderstood and depleted nutrients in the Western diet: iodine! If you have a thyroid issue or know someone that has a thyroid issue you can’t afford to miss this show! 

Nora's guest, Dr. Janet R. Lang, BA, DC is an established and well respected educator, consultant, and author in the expanding field of hormonal health care. Her expertise, non-invasive techniques, and patient empowering philosophy led to the evolution of her Restorative Endocrinology™ program. She is also head of LANG INTEGRATIVE HEALTH SERVICES.

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Cuisine for Whole Health

In the first 15 minutes on the show today Nora will be interviewing newly published author of an amazing new cookbook, Cuisine for Whole Health, Recipes for a Sustainable Life, Pauli Halstead. In this brief but enlightening interview Pauli will share her philosophy and inspiration for this amazing and gorgeous collection of mouth watering recipes and informative resource guide for truly sustainable living. 

In the rest of today’s show Nora is welcoming back brilliant Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Educator and expert, Colleen Dunseth of the Nutritional Therapy Association. In this important show, Colleen will be sharing with us again on the subject of digestion and in particular, the importance of the gallbladder and the role of bile in your total health. Let’s just say your gall bladder is a LOT more important to your health and well being than you think or that you may have been told!

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Neurofeedback and Consciousness – A Tool For “High Tech Spirituality?

In a rare and exciting interview, Nora will welcome author, lecturer and expert in the study of human consciousness, Anna Wise, to discuss the implementation of neurofeedback technology as a powerful tool for enhancing spiritual development. 

Anna will be sharing her humble beginnings in Great Britain researching the brain patterns of yogis, Zen monks, healers and other gifted, enlightened individuals in the ‘70’s and her subsequent work here in the United States working with the brains of high performing CEO’s and Fortune 500 executives. Anna’s remarkable work and her message offer insight that will expand the listeners mind toward the richer possibilities of human potential.

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Diet, Obesity and Weight Loss And Neurofeedback for Chronic Pain

In the first half of today’s show Nora spends time talking about the very confusing and often misleading subject of diet, obesity and weight loss. Nora helps her listeners sift through the quagmire of conflicting claims, crash diets, supplements and the mainstream mantra of bogus low fat recommendations. Be prepared to see this subject in a whole new way and never again feel hostage to the battle of the bulge!

In the second half of the show Nora discusses to utilization of neurofeedback as a key tool in chronic pain management. Nora welcomes Caroline Grierson , RN who specializes on the use of neurofeedback for chronic pain at a pain clinic affiliated with UCLA. This show will really open your eyes to the role that the brain has to play when it comes to pain and give new hope to those struggling with pain issues. 

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Your Brain, Neurofeedback and Peak/Optimal Performance

Back by popular demand: Nora welcomes back to the show peak/optimal performance and neurofeedback expert, Rae Tattenbaum to explore in greater depth the impact of neurofeedback on the pursuit of excellence in a whole variety of areas. Whether you are a performer, a student, an artist, an athlete, an executive or are simply looking for that special “edge” in this now ultra competitive world you won’t want to miss this show!

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Living The Gluten Free Lifestyle

Nora will be welcoming back naturopathic doctor Dr. Daniel Chong to talk much more about his own background and experience as a person leading a gluten free lifestyle himself, as a doctor who first hand sees the effects of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease—a silent killer—in his own patients AND as a father of two very healthy boys who eat a gluten and grain free diet at home.

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Low Carb Living

Nora welcomes radio host and author, Jimmy Moore of “Livin’ La Vida Low Carb” onto the show to discuss the advantages of a low carb lifestyle.

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Amino Acids For Addiction and Substance Abuse And Neurofeedback for Addiction and Substance Abuse

Nora welcomes back acclaimed pioneer in nutritional psychology, Julia Ross who will be sharing her expertise on the subject of amino acids for addiction and substance abuse. 

In the second half of the show we’ll be talking with a neurofeedback specialist who specializes in working with addiction and substance abuse problems. Don Theodore has participated in the landmark “Cri-Help” study in Los Angeles that radically transforms what might be possible for this population. Prepare to be blown away.

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A symphony in the brain and the open focus brain

Join us for this informative and fascinating discussion about the history and evolution of Neurofeedback with journalist and author, Jim Robbins.

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The Pitfalls Of Vegetarianism And Q&A/Open Lines

Vegetarianism has been on the rise these days, particularly in young women and those attempting to seek a healthier lifestyle. What are the pitfalls of this lifestyle choice you might want to consider for yourself or your child? Experienced naturopathic physician and author, Dr. Ron Schmid joins the show to offer a sane and enlightening perspective on this important topic. 

In the second half hour today Nora will be answering many of the common questions she has received over e-mail from many of the show’s listeners. Nora will also be welcoming calls to the show from those with questions concerning the subject of diet, nutrition and neurofeedback.

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Grains: Dispelling the “Health Food” Myth And Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback Training: Dialing Into The Subconscious Mind For Peak Performance and Healing

In the first half hour we’ll explore the myths and realities of dietary grains and the powerful and insidious effects of a gluten-containing diet. My guest will be Naturopathic physician, Dr. Daniel Chong. He’ll share his own approach to a grain and gluten-free life for himself and his family and we’ll explore why grains may not be the health food you’ve been led to believe it is. 

In the second half hour we’ll delve into a fascinating exploration of a form of neurofeedback known as Alpha-Theta training and talk about its impact on the subconscious mind for growth, healing and creativity. We’ll be welcoming brain training pioneer, Dr. Julian Isaacs to share his amazing experiences with deep state work and what can be found in the depths of human consciousness through this powerful form of brain training.

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What To Look For In A Nutritional Education and Neurofeedback for Peak Performance

In the first half hour we will invite founder of the Nutritional Therapy Association, Gray Graham, to explore the idea of nutritional education: what to look for and what to look out for. 

In the second half hour we will switch gears and explore the exciting subject of neurofeedback for peak performance. Joining us will be neurofeedback peak performance training specialist, Rae Tattenbaum.

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A cross-country quest for sustainable and local food

Photographer Clay Enos is traveling across America from New York to Vancouver, BC on a Vespa GTS300. The basic idea, as he puts it, is to rarely go more than 150 miles on any given day, eat and support organic, healthy, locally produced and harvested foods (grass-fed beef, etc) and experience this side of America in a more intimate way. 

Clay has read Primal Body-Primal Mind and says he feels the book’s message is “vitally important”. He also says it was part of his “inspiration for trying to make the cross-country road trip with food issues being a primary concern.” How cool is that? 

ALSO, in the second half hour--by popular demand: An invitation for callers to call in with whatever questions they have about nutrition OR neurofeedback. 

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Your Gut Health and You

A person can eat the best quality diet and still be faced with tremendous health challenges unless digestion is optimally functioning. All nutrients responsible for every single metabolic function in the body require digestive processes in order for the body to make use of them. Nora explores many of the most common issues, including hydrochloric acid deficiency, GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disorder), gallbladder issues, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and others. 

Joining Nora in this discussion is Nutritional Therapist, Colon Hydrotherapist and the Educational Director for the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA), Colleen Dunseth, NTP, to discuss various aspects of these issues…and what you can do to naturally restore healthy digestion today! 

In the second half hour, Nora talks about the role of the nervous system and neurofeedback in addressing many digestive issues. Nora welcomes a former client to discuss their dramatic recovery from GERD using neurofeedback.

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Autism: A Powerful Multi-Modal Approach

Prepare for an information-packed hour covering some of the most powerful foundational approaches toward the issue of autism. Nora talks about various types of nutritional and natural approaches that can be a powerful support for this uniquely modern day condition afflicting as many as one child out of every 87. 

In the second half-hour Nora discusses the use of Neurofeedback for autism, now emerging as a uniquely effective approach for powerfully impacting this condition. Nora welcomes the mother of a young boy to discuss the impact that neurofeedback has had on his life and the life of his family.

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Pyroluria: The Unknown Source of Intractable Symptoms And Neurofeedback In An Educational Setting

Long recognized by orthomolecular medicine and long ignored by conventional medicine pyroluria is a genetic metabolic condition affecting roughly 10% of the population, creating many seemingly intractable symptoms most therapies can’t reach. Learn what pyroluria is, how to recognize it, and overcome its influence over your mental and physical health! Joining Nora in this discussion is best selling author and health expert, Julia Ross, M.A. of The Recovery Systems Clinic in Mill Valley, CA. 

In the second half of the show we will explore the use of neurofeedback in an educational setting for learning disabilities and enhancement. Joining Nora is John S. Anderson, M.A., BCIA—former director of neurofeedback at the acclaimed charter school in Minneapolis, A New Vision: A Chance To Grow. Nora and John will discuss the success of in-school neurofeedback intervention and how this approach is being successfully implemented today in school systems around the country.

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Your Thyroid and Adrenals

Nora explores the increasingly common issue of thyroid and adrenal dysfunction and how the optimal functioning of both are inextricably connected. Diet and nutritional approaches are a front line and foundational approach to addressing the health of your endocrine system. Nora welcomes Dr. Janet Lang, founder of the Restorative Endocrinology™ Program and respected educator in the field of hormonal health to discuss what you need to know about the health of your thyroid and your adrenals. Expect to hear the most cutting edge information available here. 

In the second half of the program, Nora welcomes back Susan Othmer of the EEG Institute to discuss the impact of neurofeedback on thyroid and adrenal issues commonly seen and how neurofeedback can play an integral role in recovery and/or management of these conditions.

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Living Longer and Feeling Better: The Keys To A Longer Life and An Ageless Mind

New information emerging from human longevity research has made it easier than ever before to improve significantly on your quality of life…and even your quantity of life! These new discoveries can help us beat Mother Nature at Her own game and reverse the hands of time—while even saving you money! Learn the how-to’s of living longer and living better using principles of diet and health you can begin using today! 

In the second half of the show Nora explores how neurofeedback can help keep your brain young and avoid the pitfalls of a declining mind as you age. Returning is Dr. Siegfried Othmer of the EEG Institute to discuss what can be done to revitalize your brain.

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Feeding Your Brain and Recovery From Stroke

Nora discusses what it is you can do to maximize the health of your brain, memory function, stability and cognitive functioning from a foundational perspective using diet. Nora will also discuss some useful supplements that can serve to enhance and even turbo-charge your brain’s performance. 

In the second half hour Nora discusses the use of neurofeedback for cognitive enhancement and interviews a stroke survivor who achieved remarkable recovery using a powerful combination of neurofeedback and the dietary strategies mentioned earlier in the show.

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ADD—Nutrition and The 20-Hour Solution

Is ADD really genetic, or a “disease”—or are there other reasons why this disorder is manifesting in an unprecedented way in modern times? Nora explores some possible causes and discusses the most common dietary and nutritional issues that may be associated with ADD and what do about them. 

In the second half hour, Nora invites neuropsychologist, NBC science consultant, neurofeedback specialist and author of ADD: The 20-Hour Solution, Mark Steinberg, PhD to discuss neurofeedback and the ADD brain.

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Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency: Getting to the Real Root of the Problem and Finding Real Recovery

Is alcoholism really a disease? --Or might it just be a symptom of something else? Nora discusses the relationship between carbohydrate intolerance/addiction and alcoholism. In the first half hour Nora will be joined by documentary filmmaker, Tom Naughton (writer, comedian and producer of the excellent documentary “Fat Head”) to talk about his own firsthand experience with chemical dependency recovery. 

In the second half hour Nora will be talking with a former neurofeedback client, now a recovered (as opposed to “recovering”) alcoholic.

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Anxiety and Anxiety Related Disorders: The Mood Epidemic

Nora discusses the meteoric rise in anxiety related issues in just the last ten years, some possible causes…and the powerful and pivotal role nutrition can play in the development and relief from of anxiety and anxiety-related issues. 

In the second half Nora talks about the very powerful impact neurofeedback can have on many anxiety related disorders in adults and children, alike. Nora invites former clients to discuss their remarkable experiences with anxiety and neurofeedback training.

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The Powerful Impact of Diet and Nutritional Support / The Role of Neurofeedback for Depression

Major depression is expected to be the second leading cause of disability by 2020 worldwide. In the United States fully a quarter of the population is at risk for depression. Nora explores the role that diet and nutrition plays in this epidemic and what you can do today to take a surprising degree of control of your moods and your health. 

In the second half of the show, Nora discusses the use of neurofeedback for the liberation from depressive symptoms and how neurofeedback is changing the face of mental health care. Former neurofeedback clients discuss their experiences.

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The Surprising Role of Dietary Fat for Health and Well Being/ New Frontiers in Neurofeedback

In the first half hour of the show, Nora discusses the surprising role of dietary fat in the health of the body and brain and helps slay the myths that have persisted throughout this century concerning the idea that natural dietary fat is the cause of obesity and disease. 

Nora interviews Sally Fallon, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation and author of both Nourishing Traditions and Eat Fat, Lose Fat. Discover how dietary fat may be your very best friend after all! 

In the second half hour Nora talks with Dr. Siegfried Othmer, Chief Scientist at the EEG Institute concerning the exciting new frontiers being explored with neurofeedback training-- where the future of this amazing field is headed and who might benefit.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

BLOOD SUGAR AND YOU: A new paradigm for foundational health

Join Nora for a fascinating and important look at the way in which blood sugar issues impact the lives of millions of Americans, the consequences of a carbohydrate-based diet and what you can do to be free of blood sugar issues forever. 

Nora also welcomes guest and acclaimed documentary filmmaker, Curt Ellis from the award winning “King Corn” to discuss the prevalence and consequences of corn and high fructose corn syrup in the American diet. 

In the second half hour Nora discusses the impact of sugar on the brain and how neurofeedback can help stabilize out of control blood sugar issues. Nora invites respected neurofeedback pioneer, Sue Othmer of the EEG Institute to discuss neurofeedback’s role in helping people with this issue. Don’t miss this exciting and important show!

Here is the podcast.

Meet Nora And Meet Your Primal Body Primal Mind!

Nora will be introducing you to some of the concepts outlined in her ground-breaking book: Primal Body-Primal Mind. Nora offers her own unique research and clinical perspective on the exciting ways in which your diet can totally transform the way you feel and function. Learn, too how changes in the way you eat can add greatly to your health, vitality and even longevity, while saving you real money along the way!