Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Diet, Obesity and Weight Loss And Neurofeedback for Chronic Pain

In the first half of today’s show Nora spends time talking about the very confusing and often misleading subject of diet, obesity and weight loss. Nora helps her listeners sift through the quagmire of conflicting claims, crash diets, supplements and the mainstream mantra of bogus low fat recommendations. Be prepared to see this subject in a whole new way and never again feel hostage to the battle of the bulge!

In the second half of the show Nora discusses to utilization of neurofeedback as a key tool in chronic pain management. Nora welcomes Caroline Grierson , RN who specializes on the use of neurofeedback for chronic pain at a pain clinic affiliated with UCLA. This show will really open your eyes to the role that the brain has to play when it comes to pain and give new hope to those struggling with pain issues. 

Listen to the podcast.