Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A cross-country quest for sustainable and local food

Photographer Clay Enos is traveling across America from New York to Vancouver, BC on a Vespa GTS300. The basic idea, as he puts it, is to rarely go more than 150 miles on any given day, eat and support organic, healthy, locally produced and harvested foods (grass-fed beef, etc) and experience this side of America in a more intimate way. 

Clay has read Primal Body-Primal Mind and says he feels the book’s message is “vitally important”. He also says it was part of his “inspiration for trying to make the cross-country road trip with food issues being a primary concern.” How cool is that? 

ALSO, in the second half hour--by popular demand: An invitation for callers to call in with whatever questions they have about nutrition OR neurofeedback. 

Listen to the podcast.