Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cuisine for Whole Health

In the first 15 minutes on the show today Nora will be interviewing newly published author of an amazing new cookbook, Cuisine for Whole Health, Recipes for a Sustainable Life, Pauli Halstead. In this brief but enlightening interview Pauli will share her philosophy and inspiration for this amazing and gorgeous collection of mouth watering recipes and informative resource guide for truly sustainable living. 

In the rest of today’s show Nora is welcoming back brilliant Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Educator and expert, Colleen Dunseth of the Nutritional Therapy Association. In this important show, Colleen will be sharing with us again on the subject of digestion and in particular, the importance of the gallbladder and the role of bile in your total health. Let’s just say your gall bladder is a LOT more important to your health and well being than you think or that you may have been told!

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