Sunday, April 17, 2011

Radiation and Your Health: To Iodine or Not to Iodine?

The very term RADIATION conjures nightmarish images of mushroom clouds, apocalyptic scenery and people dying slow, agonizing deaths. Then again, one doesn’t need an imagination to turn on the news and see the mounting horrors and suffering of Fukushima or the gaseous plumes erupting from the enormous, multi-reactor nuclear facility there.

In some respects the press is having a field day with this simply because it is BIG news…and in other ways many of us suspect we aren’t being told the whole truth and paranoia is reigning supreme. What and who can we believe? We know the Japanese are in deep trouble and we fear for them but we also wonder (and reasonably so) how much we here in the Unites States and elsewhere in the world have to fear from not one, not two, but THREE nuclear reactors in a now-undeniable state of melt-down . We know the radiation has already been making its way over the Pacific and that radioactive elements from this disaster have already begun showing up in places like California, Oregon Washington and across the entire United States, including the Midwest clear over to the East Coast. Radiation from this event is primarily circulating the northern hemisphere now but will ultimately show up everywhere…and it will continue to circulate our planet essentially forever. It is a part of our lives, believe it or not and like it or not.

So what can we do? How do we protect ourselves and to what extent?

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